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The Spirit of Numbers:
a New Exploration of Harmonic Astrology

In this book I have set out my belief that each of the prime numbers has its own inherent quality, or spiritual essence, which is different from the quality of all the other prime numbers. The essence of the number One is called Oneness; in the same way, the essence of the other numbers can be called Twoness, Threeness and so on. The quality of the relationship between the planets in the Birth Chart is determined by the angular distance between them: thus, for example, if the angular distance between the Sun and the Moon is one-fifth (or two-fifths) of the circle, then their relationship has the quality of Fiveness. Using evidence from the Birth Charts of famous people, I have reached conclusions about the nature of the “spirit” of each of the prime numbers up to 31.

Although the evidence for these conclusions is drawn from astrology, I believe that it has wider implications. We are not bound by our Birth Charts; we have choices about the extent to which we live our lives in the spirit of Twoness, or of Threeness, Fiveness and so on. I have spelt out some of these implications in the book.

In the book I provided details of a new technique for calculating harmonic aspects, which does not involve the drawing of harmonic charts. When the book was first published in 2011, there was no computer program which replicated this technique, and I therefore gave instructions for carrying out the technique by hand. However, I can now report that a new computer program replicating the technique is available. This is the Kepler 8 program, which is available through

The following are some extracts from reviews of the book:
"A brand-new, ground-breaking book that picks up where Hamblin's earlier pioneering work left off and takes it to new levels ... If you are interested in aspects, if you are interested in harmonics, or if you simply want to explore some of the deeper levels of the psyche that can be illuminated by this technique, this book is a keeper and worth every penny. Highly recommended."

- Donna Van Toen for National Council for Geocosmic Research.

"David Hamblin writes with a remarkable clarity and vivacity, which makes this book a pleasure to read ... A book to be read and enjoyed both by astrologers and by those who have no experience with astrology ... Hamblin conveys a deep love and understanding of numbers for their inherent mystery, and demonstrates a truly unique respect for their differences."

- Sarah Fuhro in The Mountain Astrologer.

"A very deep and insightful piece of work ... One of those groundbreaking books where the author shows you a whole new way of looking at the horoscope ... Honest, well researched and very well written ... My mind is all abuzz with the various ways in which his insights can be applied ... A must read. I believe it will be studied far into the future."

Joe Polonsky in Diamond Fire Magazine.

"Hamblin's latest work is extraordinary, illuminating and shows deep compassion for the human spirit ... Though each chapter is rich in data and analysis, it is Hamblin's exquisite use of clear language that makes his work compelling ... An exceptional and outstanding work that deserves a place on the bookshelves of every student of astrology."

- Christeen Skinner in Correlation.

"This beautifully written book is infused throughout with the power of the spirit of the author's passion for numbers ... His selection of charts is particularly interesting, with a vast range ... The depth of David's research is visible throughout this amazing book and his training and experience as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist is richly evident through his compassionate understanding of human nature."

- Review in ISAR Journal.