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In the 1960s I became interested in astrology, and obtained the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. In my spare time I did some astrological counselling, interpreting birth charts for clients, although this was never a major source of income for me. In the 1970s and early 1980s I wrote several articles for the Astrological Journal, and I was a Tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. For two years in the 1980s I was the Chairman of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

However, my interest in astrology was somewhat narrow. I was never into the predictive side of astrology, and there were many astrological techniques and approaches that did not interest me. My interest was purely in the psychological interpretation of the birth chart, and in particular the study of the relationship between planets in the birth chart, known to astrologers as the study of “aspects”. Having been trained in Psychosynthesis, which teaches that the personality is made up of many different “sub-personalities” which may be in conflict with one another, I saw the planets as representing the sub-personalities.

Hence, I was very excited when John Addey published his book Harmonics in Astrology (L.N. Fowler, 1976), which promised to open up a far more detailed, comprehensive and accurate method of identifying and interpreting aspects. I became deeply involved in this field (known as “harmonic astrology”), and I wrote my book Harmonic Charts (Aquarian Press, 1983).

After this, however, I began to be disillusioned with astrology, and to doubt whether it had any validity. This period of disillusionment lasted for about fifteen years. In 2000 I was interviewed by Garry Phillipson for his book Astrology in the Year Zero (Flare Publications, 2000), and in the interview I set out my reasons for doubting the truth of astrology.

However, in 2003 I began once again to do research into astrology, and I have now come to feel that, as I say in the Preface to The Spirit of Numbers, “it is worthwhile to practise astrology, because, even though it may possibly not be true, it most certainly seems to be true … I have looked at more than a thousand charts, and I am constantly amazed at how the Birth Chart does in fact describe people as they are”. This research led to the publication of The Spirit of Numbers and of Harmonic Astrology in Practice.

I am now (2020) intending to write a further book about harmonics, and also to write a short book on the subject of "The Planets as Conscious Beings", which I have introduced in the article with this title which is included in this website.