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My purpose in creating this website is to bring together some articles and poems that I have written, and to make them available on the internet. These writings are listed below.

Also I have included:

The articles and poems available on the website are as follows:

A Hymn to the South West Coast Path.

I wrote this article after walking the Coast Path between 2000 and 2007. Of all my writings, I feel that this one is the most heartfelt, and says the most about how I see the world. (Reprinted from Avalon Magazine, Issue 43, Autumn/Winter 2009.)

Autumn is the Time for Love.

This poem (written for the Druid magazine Touchstone) is again very heartfelt, and expresses some of my spiritual beliefs. (Reprinted from Touchstone, issue 158, October 2009.)

Place: the Lost Dimension in Psychotherapy.

This article is addressed to psychotherapists, and discusses the importance of the “place” dimension which psychotherapists have mostly ignored. (Reprinted from Self and Society, Volume 34 no.6, May-June 2007.)

Tony Blair and the Killing at Porton Down.

This is an astrological article, dealing with the fact that Ronald Maddison, an RAF engineer, was killed by scientists at Porton Down on the same day that Tony Blair was born. (Reprinted from The Astrological Journal, Volume 52 no.6, November/December 2010.)

Strangers in the Light.

This is a poem about my own birth, written after I had attended a workshop in which I re-experienced my birth.

The importance of harmonics.

This article is reprinted from The Astrological Journal, Jan-Feb 2020.

The Planets as Conscious Beings: a theory of how astrology works.

This article is reprinted from The Astrological Journal, Sep/Oct 2020.

Alicia's Passing: Death on the Roads.

In my book Harmonic Astrology in Practice I wrote about how, in writing the book, I was greatly helped by Alicia Gaydos, and how, shortly after the book was finished, Alicia died in a road accident. I am now intending to write a short book, with the provisional title Beautiful Alicia, an Astrological Memoir, about Alicia and my relationship with her. The three sections included here, Alicia's Passing, Death on the Roads, and Conclusion are intended for inclusion in this book.


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